HADLEY for the Oliver family — GA

Hadley (3)DSC_0542-001Jeff and Beth met in 2002 when Jeff decided he wanted to marry Beth but thought he better ask her out first. So, in January of 2003, Jeff worked up the nerve to ask Beth out and after two dates and a few hang outs, Beth and Jeff were engaged March 17, 2003, then married August 29, 2003! Part of the conversation of those two dates was the desire to adopt by both Beth and Jeff.

In November of 2003, Beth and Jeff attended an information meeting to set “life goals”, to make an adoption plan. In that meeting, the gospel truly convicted Beth and Jeff and the plan to adopt added a desire to foster. After serving as foster parents, respite only, then taking a permanent placement in hope to adopt, Beth and Jeff served several years as foster parents. A reunification plan was made for the permanent placement and the children started their way home. Beth and Jeff found out a week later as one door slammed another opened as they found out they were pregnant and a son was born in 2007! A second pregnancy soon followed, a daughter being born in 2008!

Now with a son and a daughter, Jeff and Beth continued to seek out the desire to adopt. In 2012, a loving birth mother chose us as her son’s forever family! Even though for a week or so, our lives seemed “full”, adding another daughter still tugged at our hearts!

Jeff and Beth share the conviction that we will be held accountable each day and on that final day, of how we spent our time and who we spent it with. We are excited to find sweet Hadley on Reece’s Rainbow and continue to work through the process to spend our days with her! Please join us as you feel led financially, or support another family you find here! Maybe find a family in your church, neighborhood or everyday to help fund, or just bring them a meal or wash their car!

Thank you for doing something.  Just reading this and stopping to pray is huge.  For this work is HIS!

With much thankfulness, the Olivers, party of 6!

4/17/17—TRAVELING on MAY 5

$1,852.81 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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