LULU for the Madsen family — WI

LuLuFaith. What does it mean to you? As I study that word in the Bible, I learn : “Now faith is the confidence that we shall receive the things for which we hope, the proof of the reality of things we do not see…”

We will be adopting another little girl from Asia with Down Syndrome. LuLu. We have chosen “Faith” to be her middle name ~ LuLu Faith Madsen. For right now, it is by FAITH we must believe, not by what we feel or see. She was born at the exact time as our adopted daughter Lilly, abandoned at 8 months like Lil, and looks JUST like our Lil. We will call them twins.  We have been formally accepted to be LuLu’s parents. Let the paperwork and money craziness start.

We have prayed—A LOT. We still are. We have asked for His will. His provisions. We feel called. He equips the called. Our flesh is overwhelmed. Scared. And then we remember ~ Let our FAITH be bigger than our fears. So, we step. Our other children tell us to go & get that little girl home- she needs a family.  Lilly is super excited that LuLu is going to share a room with her and have “lots of sleep- overs.”

Please follow us on our CrAzY journey to bring this sweet child home. We ask, that if at all possible, to support us in any way you can. We ask for your prayers.  More than anything- we want to THANK YOU for loving and supporting us.

6/28/17 — TRAVELING JULY 22

$5,216.00 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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