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Larry #2-4

Larry collageBoy, age 4
Diagnosis: Down syndrome

Listed: July 25, 2016

Larry has Down syndrome and some of the typical delays that are common with his diagnosis. He is not yet walking independently, though his report indicates it is because he refuses to practice when he doesn’t want to! He plays with toys and enjoys the ones that play with music. When the staff attempts to work with him on fine motor skills, once he realizes it is ‘work”, he refuses to comply. He is not yet using words, but he IS communicating through non-verbal means. He needs a family that will bring him home and teach him appropriate communication skills and work with him on that all too common “Down syndrome stubborn streak” to help him continue to develop new skills.

Update: April 2017

Special needs: Down syndrome; 3rd-degree prematurity; a condition after 3rd-degree intraventricular hemorrhage; posthemorrhagic hydrocephalus (the orphanage doctor reported that at this point there are no evidence of hydrocephalus); anemia of prematurity; congenital cardiac malformation – atrial septal defect – foramen ovale type and persistent arterial duct; hypotrophic; muscle hypotonia; delayed physical and neuropsychological development; underdeveloped speech;  severe mental delay

Larry moves around independently and purposefully by crawling, walking while holding onto something for support and while held by one or both hands. He goes up and down the stairs while holding onto something for support. He grabs and hands objects.

Larry orientates about familiar actions, including feeding, times for rest, going for a walk, etc. He performs different actions in the different rooms – bedroom, playroom, in accordance with the setting, the furniture and the purpose of the room. Due to his underdeveloped speech, Larry expresses himself mostly in emotional and tactile manner. He eats independently, at the table, and he drinks from a cup. While involved in emotional and tactile communication with an adult, Larry expresses his joy by laughing aloud and demonstrating that the respective action is pleasant to him and he wants it to be repeated. He produces some basic and not very diverse syllables. He follows some simple instructions that are related with everyday actions. He responds to being called by name.

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