Sukie July 2016Sukie was born in August 2014 at 37 weeks gestation via a difficult birth. She was hospitalized until March 2016 with the following diagnoses: CNS perinatal hypoxic-ischemic damage, spastic tetraparesis, bilateral paralytic esotropia, global development delay, secondary microcephaly with the potential of developing CP, and laryngeal stridor.

Listed: July 2016

When Sukie’s condition improved, she was moved into an orphanage where her caretakers believe that she understands certain things, such as being caressed. Sukie responds to adult interactions and grabs objects when handed to her.

From a family who met her in March 2017: Sukie is a sweet, beautiful girl. Though she cannot communicate verbally, she does make sounds if she is happy or sad, and will smile when tickled and returns a smile when she is enjoying herself. She likes being held, playing with toys, and listening to singing time. Though limited in mobility, having some problems fully controlling her motor skills and not being able to walk, she can stand up holding on to something stable, and she does crawl, getting to where she wants to go. She often came up to me and others, grabbed onto my clothing, and tried to crawl into my lap. She likes to touch faces and hair, and she really enjoys getting personal one on one attention.

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