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Marty #6-7

Boy, born June 2002

Down syndrome

Listed: June 23, 2010

UPDATE MAY 2016:  He easily relates to both children and staff. He likes to play with the children from his group. He responds when addressed by name and enjoys receiving attention.. He shows interest in all kinds of toys, but his top favorites are the stuffed ones. He has been included in a special remedial and training program created by a local university where he is involved in game therapy, individual activities,and kinesitherapy. The child struggles with his participation in the training activities due to easily being distracted. He will look with interest at bright objects, pictures and books. He likes to listen to music.He takes an active part in the music classes and in physical education activities.

Marty is described as a quiet and even-tempered child who has adapted quickly to the routine and daily schedule at the institution. He is able to walk independently. He assists with dressing and undressing himself and is learning to feed himself as well. He goes to the toilet when reminded to do so by the staff. He is not yet speaking but demonstrates understanding and follows basic requests.

He plays with other children and interacts well with adults. He responds to his name and loves attention from the caregivers. He has a special bond with one specific care giver. He loves to play with toys and shows a preference for stuffed animals.  Marty has already been transferred to an institution.

UPDATE March 2014:  He is a calm and quiet boy; good general condition; walks independently; eats, dresses/undresses and puts his shoes on independently; a 5th-grade student at an auxiliary school; vocalizes; understands what he is told; scribbles; establishes contact with other children and staff members; loves getting attention and being caressed; follows simple instructions; has formed a relationship of emotional attachment with one of the staff members; loves listening to music.


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