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Sage and Sven

Sage July 2016Sven July 2016

Two-year old Sage and eight-year old Sven are a beautiful sibling group. Even though Sage and Sven have been placed into different foster families, the Central Authority in their country requires that they be adopted together.

Listed July 2016

Per the social worker’s report, Sage is completely healthy and typically developing. Based on videos received in June 2016, Sage walks well, including on uneven terrain. She plays with toys, enjoys the company of domestic animals, and appears to be vocalizing, babbling and speaking words.

Sven walks independently and communicates easily even though it is sometimes difficult to understand him. He answers questions, names objects and people, and shows curiosity about his surroundings. Sven attends a school for children with special needs and loves to go. His foster mother reports that he takes medication to calm him as he tends to be very excitable and energized. During periods of anxiety, fear, sensory overload or other stressors, Sven can become extremely agitated. During these times, it is difficult to reach Sven with communication and it takes a while for him to calm. Sven has a wonderful and kind foster mother who takes great care of him.

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