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neve-video-still-march-2017-march-2017neve-feb-2017 Neve was born in April 2014 and has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, microcephaly and internal hydrocephalus. She seems to be rather severely affected by her CP and does not have much physical mobility, but her caretakers say she recently learned to crawl. Neve responds to her environment with smiles, giggles, or crying and reacts to speech.

Listed: July 2016

Update February 2017: Neve has made big progress by learning to sit unassisted and to crawl. Everyone is hopeful that she may walk someday.

Update March 2017: Our team visited Neve today and saw her pulling herself from a lying down position to standing up against the railing of her crib.  She’s continuing to gain new skills.

Available to single moms and the agency has video available.

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