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guardianangelTamarixGirl, born 2004

Listed: June 2016Tamarix

Tamarix is a strong willed girl who is 12 years old. Tamarix came into care as a baby, and was found to have a CHD (ASD – already repaired), a cataract of her right eye (post surgery), and congenital deafness. Tamarix is quite able to care for her own needs. She attends a school for the deaf, where she has learned sign language (CSL). Tamarix prefers to do things her own way (remember the strong willed part?), and can be very stubborn. Tamarix has 2 years to find a family before she ages out. It is difficult to say if Tamarix understands adoption, and what it will mean for her life. We know the great difficulties she will face as she becomes an adult with hearing loss in her country. We hope there is a family who will be able to give her the love and support she will need.

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