Quinn Leigh

Quinn Leigh (1)Girl, born 2013
Down syndrome

Listed: June 2016

Quinn Leigh has been described by caregivers as clever, introverted, cute and energetic. Quinn Leigh lives in an imitation family on the orphanage grounds, which is like a foster family, so she is receiving more one-on-one attention than some other children.

Quinn Leigh can use her hands to hold small objects, such as sticks, books, spoons, etc. Quinn Leigh can pass toys between both of her hands and can use hands to support herself. When Quinn Leigh is sitting up the child has good balance and can change her position freely. Quinn can crawl, she can stand up by herself and is learning to walk. Quinn Leigh likes to walk around using small chairs and stools to help her balance.Quinn Leigh (2)

Like many children with Down syndrome, Quinn Leigh’s language abilities are delayed compared to other children her age without Down syndrome. However, she can say words like “ma ma,” “ba ba,” and she imitates what adults and children around her are saying.

Quinn Leigh enjoys listening to music, looking at picture books and dancing. She can color on paper and play with puzzles. She is clearly a very curious little girl and always seems to want to figure out how things work. We hope we are able to find her Forever Family soon!

Video 1 – Quinn playing ball

Video 2 – Quinn playing

Video 3 – Quinn playing (2)

The current agency has a grant available.

$90.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!