ZAYNE for the Fowler family — VA


zayne-2015-1fowler2016Since before they met, Josh and Susan knew adoption was in their future. After 10 years of marriage and a beautiful 4 year old daughter (Hazel), they wondered where God was going to lead their family. They felt God calling them to make several big changes in their lives that didn’t quite make sense, until they laid eyes on Zayne. A friend shared his info on Facebook and said, “I’m going to speak up for this young fella again. He is so cute and he really needs a family very soon. If you’ve ever considered international adoption for even one second, please look at this sweet pea and ask the Lord if he is yours.”

The thing was, the Fowlers hadn’t really considered international adoption, and also hadn’t considered a child with special needs. But one look at Zayne’s picture changed all that. They also quickly realized that his medical needs are similar to those that Josh had as a child (but more severe). They decided to take a day and pray about it, but after about 10 minutes realized that a day was too long to wait and they jumped headfirst into the adoption process.

Five months later their dossier was submitted and now they wait for approval and travel dates! Once Zayne is home, he’ll need a major surgery to connect his esophagus to his stomach, at which point he’ll learn to eat. Thankfully the Fowlers live close to an excellent children’s hospital.

The Fowlers are over the moon excited to welcome Zayne into their family, and have a wonderful support system in their community! They’re surrounded by other adoptive families and great medical teams close by—everyone is thrilled to bring Zayne home!

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