ROXY for the Siebold family — AR

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roxyThe Siebolds are a nerdy, laid back pair. They have been friends for 14 years and married almost 9 years. They all ready have 3 awesome kids! They are just regular people enjoying life in their home of Northwest Arkansas.

Joseph and Samantha met at 14 and 16 and have been together ever since. Even as dating teens, they were hopeful that fostering and adoption would be something they could do someday. They’ve learned about the need around the world since they were kids. They never could have guessed the many ups and downs they would experience when they began.

Joseph and Samantha’s decision to add to their family through adoption really started in November 2015. After moving from a small apartment to a large house and experiencing a miscarriage they knew that God could use them and the new home they’d been blessed to move into. When they lost their fourth baby the doctor assured them that it was not their fault and there was likely a developmental issue. The doctor saying this turned a light on. What wouldn’t they do to have that baby here regardless of any needs and differences? They began to research and realized the hundreds of waiting children with special needs.

They finished the application process and started their home study in January 2016.

Their first adoption of a little boy in 2016 was ended abruptly due to the closure of the pilot program in Africa. They did not imagine jumping in again after that. They were working to advocate for waiting children by fundraising and to come to terms with the heartbreaking loss. The little boy they fell in love with would not survive without being adopted and they couldn’t do more than support him from a distance.

However, the need for adoptive families was more clear than ever.

After things going so very unexpectedly, through all the heartbreak, their hearts opened wider than ever. The big picture here is one they never could have envisioned or created on their own. They saw “Roxy” on Reece’s Rainbow and inquired thinking they didn’t even qualify for her country program! They hoped to advocate for her, at least. This was exactly a year from when they submitted their initial home study application. They waited to hear whether they would be approved to commit to her and found peace in whatever the answer might be.

That was over a year ago. In November 2017, exactly one year after the other pilot adoption program was closed and two years after their miscarriage they were able to meet “Roxy” in person. She is 3 years old and only 17lbs! Her bold personality and sweet laugh made them fall in love with her instantly! They are eager to get her home to address her nutrition, her heart conditions, and the therapies she needs.

Through all of these things, the Siebolds have learned that the world is an imperfect place full of imperfect people. But, if all of us come together in small ways then lives can be changed! Life itself is about finding the good in the circumstances we are given. Even when the things we do seem small and even if we risk heartbreak – we can change the world!

They are so honored and excited to be this beautiful girl’s adoptive family! Adoption is never perfect because it comes from loss. But, the opportunity to step into this little girl’s life and fulfill her needs is the greatest blessing they have ever experienced. The Siebolds’ goal is to meet “Roxy” where she is at and give her everything they have to give. She deserves the world (and more) and they intend to try to change it for her! Even while doctors say she may never walk and experts say she will never talk they see their new daughter’s exponential value and potential.

When she joins the Siebold family, “Roxy” will have her Mama and Daddy ready to unconditionally love and advocate for her. She will have two big sisters and a big brother to love on her for a lifetime. Not to mention a big extended family and community to support and embrace her! Everyone is so excited to have her home.

Read more about the Siebolds and follow the family’s adoption on their blog:

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