MIKAYLA for the Shaw family — Canada

Geoff and Caroline have been blessed with four wonderful children, three homegrown sons and a beautiful daughter adopted from Eastern Europe in 2013. While their lives have been joyously full with their children, extended and church families, the experience of adoption forever changed them.

They could not forget the children they had seen in the orphanage, and their daughter could not forget the friends she left behind. Their children have longed and prayed for another sister, and Geoff and Caroline have known there was room in their hearts and home for one more. They have prayed that someday, God willing, they would be able bring home another precious child.

God has graciously heard their prayers, and led them back to where their journey began. Geoff and Caroline are trusting in God’s provision. They are working hard to bring a new daughter home, where she will be a much loved and treasured daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece and cousin. They are so very grateful for your prayers and support.

4/18/17—APPT MAY 10

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