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$182,612.54 is currently available in this grant fund. When using this donate button, 100% of your donation goes to this grant fund!

*** IF YOU ARE ON A MOBILE AND HAVING DIFFICULTY, Please sign into PayPal and send via ‘Friends and Family’ to with ‘Older Child Grant: Other Special Needs’ in the message. Thank you! ***

This grant is currently awarded up to $5,000This grant is for children with special needs (other than Down syndrome), ages 10 & up.

$800k+ has been awarded in Older Other Special Needs Grants since May 2016.

Beginning May 2016, children age 10 & up are eligible for an Older Child Grant.  Additional information available on the new Older Child Grant policy.  July 2018:  New change for the older child grant funds:  Any newly listed older children will be given and keep an individual grant, as the younger children are, to receive donations. Newly listed children, going forward, will not be eligible for the large grant (5k for Other Special Needs).

To donate to the Older Child (Other Special Needs) Grant and help the grant grow, please use the Donate button above, or send a check to:

Reece’s Rainbow
PO Box 146
Combined Locks, WI 54113