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Faith Ann

Faith RKGirl, born 2012
Down syndrome, Congenital heart disease, Esotropia

Listed May 4, 2016

Faith was born in March 2012 and was found abandoned shortly after. She has been diagnosed with Esotropia (misalignment) of both eyes, Down syndrome and Congenital Heart Disease (PDA). Doctors in her area have said that her heart issue may self-heal and surgery wasn’t recommended.

Faith’s adoption file was completed in November 2015 when she was 3.5 years old. At that time she was participating in a program and was close to her teacher. She was said to be a popular child who was curious, lovely and friendly. Staff say she often holds hands with friends and foster siblings on the way to and from school. If she sees a child with a runny nose she will get a tissue and help them wipe it. Caretakers say she’s, “so cute and sensible.”

Faith is described as an active and energetic child who enjoys playing with peers and listens well to her caretakers. She can wash her hands independently, undress herself and go up and down stairs. She is fond of listening to music and has a ready smile.

A US Cardiologist has said that her medical situation would likely be quite manageable but whether or not she would need an operation to fix the PDA would depend on her symptoms and a repeat echocardiogram.

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