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April L7

girlsillouettenophotoGirl, born on 2006

April lives with a foster family since 2007.  Foster family does not wish to adopt the child because the family believes that in the child’s best interest is to ensure the adoption abroad, as in this way child would have access to better medical care and more opportunities.

Suspected celiac disease; milk allergy.  Delivery complications, premature birth.  Low hemoglobin levels (anemia), congenital heart disease

Listed:  April 25, 2016

April has grey-bluish eyes, blond hair. The girl has a significant development progress, she can walk and even run, girl contacts with other children, carries out simple instructions. The girl has begun to develop speech- separate words. The girl attends massage, remedial gymnastics and takes part in therapy on regular basis. The girl starts to show interest in animals – when she rides a horse during Reiter therapy time, she touches the animal, observes foals with interest.

Repeated haemoglobin analysis at the end of summer 2016; planned consultation of a psychiatrist. Asthma medication is not being taken – the girl has not had asthma attacks.

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