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Royce and Ryan L19

boysillouettenophotoboysillouettenophoto2 siblings, adoptable together or separately; older brother, born in 2005, and younger brother, born in late 2006.

Royce, the oldest brother, has brown eyes and brown hair.

Listed: April 27, 2016

He has a heavy and pronounced sensorineural hearing impairment. Speech and language disorders. Hyperkinetic behavior disorders.  He has difficulties with concentration and focus. The boy must use hearing aid regularly, must be consulted by a speech therapist.

He is attending a specialized school for children with hearing impairment, in a simplified program. He likes working with computer, watching TV, roller-skating and riding a bicycle. He gladly takes part in hobby groups. The boy has adjusted to the community of the institution partially. He enjoys being alone, but has adapted to new surroundings well, he is active, friendly, communicative.  The boy has low motivation for studying, he has behavior issues – sometimes he can mistreat other children and then lay blame on others. There have been cases when he has taken things that don’t belong to him.  The boy wishes to live in a place where others understand sign language. The boy has expressed a wish to be adopted abroad, because he had good experience in a host program.
Ryan, the younger brother, has brown eyes and brown hair.

His diagnoses: mental development delay with pronounced behavior issues on the background of a social and pedagogical neglect.

He is currently attending a specialized boarding school. His level of knowledge is lowered, the boy reads slowly, cannot tell a story about what he just read. The boy has issues with both writing and simple mathematic calculations. The boy is very active, very brave and smiles a lot, but has behavior issues. Pronounced anger can be seen when the boy is tired. The boy regularly argues with his older brother, they provoke each other. It may or may not be caused by the fact that the boy doesn’t know sign language that is a big obstacle in creating a good communication with the brother. The boy requires attention, emotional support and individual approach.

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