DAVID & GALEN for the Jast family — OH

 photo fwbutton150.pngDavid smilinggalen-2016-2John is one of 11 kids and loves every minute of being in such a big family! While he never thought he would have a big family of his own, he is certainly warming up to the idea. Kelsey was born to be a mom and if you ask anyone that knows her, it is no surprise she has so many children already! John is analytical and precise while Kelsey tends to be a free spirit which makes them perfect for each other.

We have 4 wild and adventurous children, ranging in age from only 1 year old to 5 years old (there are twins in there)! As you can imagine, our life seems pretty chaotic to most. To us, it is full of grace, joy, and a whole lot of laughter. Our youngest was adopted domestically, and God took us a on a serious journey through that process of learning who He is and what His heart beats for. Before she was ever in our arms, we knew we would adopt again.

We prayed and prayed that God would give us clarity on what He wanted next for us. Kelsey began looking on Reece’s Rainbow and was sure of two things: God wanted us to adopt a child listed on RR, and He wanted us to look in Eastern Europe. When she brought this to John, he was a bit unsure and needed some time to process it and pray. While he knew it was what God wanted, he wrestled with the idea of where the money would come from after such a short time of recovery from our last adoption. We both asked God to put us on the same page. After about only a week, we sat down and talked. We were both sure now that, despite the uncertainties, God was asking us to move forward. He reminded us that He is in control and the single source of all we have, and every blessing we have is from Him.

Back to Reece’s Rainbow we went and prayed about a few different kids. We didn’t yet have a clear “yes” on any kids until one day when we searched “Newly Listed Children.” The very first little boy that popped up, we knew. He was who God had laid on our hearts and told us to pursue.

We couldn’t be more thrilled to be on this journey again and bringing home our son, Billy, soon to be named August! He is already so deeply cherished and loved.

Update!  The Jast family will also be bringing home DAVID.

12/5/16—APPT on JANUARY 31

$9,657.09 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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