Farrah3Farrah2Girl, born 2013
Shaken baby syndrome resulting in hearing/vision loss, cognitive/developmental delays

Listed: April 26, 2016

Farrah is a sweet almost 3 year old girl that agency representatives met in September. She had a calm demeanor and her caregivers stated that she enjoys playing with the other children. She likes playing with toys that light up or make sounds. Farrah is a foodie – she loves very flavorful foods! If she really likes something she will want to keep eating and eating!

She has an amazing connection to one of her caregivers – as soon as the caregiver walked into the room we saw her face just light up! She instantly became more active and smiley. Her caregiver explained that they have been working hard with her to learn new motor skills and that she also attends physical therapy weekly. They have seen her make great strides in her therapies.

Farrah wears hearing aids in both ears and it is also reported that she may have some vision issues. Farrah also has developmental delays and, as mentioned above, is receiving therapies.

Additional information and photos can be found in this blog post.

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