GABRIELLA for the Ferrel family — WA

Gabriella2 (1)Laura has always known that adoption would be a part of her life. She is a pediatric nurse and works specifically with children who have special, medical needs. Laura has adopted twice domestically from foster care. This will be her family’s first international adoption.

Laura believes that all of her children were sent to her from God and were chosen to be her children. Gabriella is no exception to this. It was just by “chance” that Laura came across Gabriella’s picture and story. Immediately she was drawn to this little angel and had to find out more. Gabriella has Osteogenesis Imperfecta just like Laura’s eldest daughter. Laura has a lot of experience dealing with all that goes along with this condition and has a wonderful medical team already in place that can help manage Gabriella’s condition and give her the medical treatment that she desperately needs. Osteogenisis Imperfecta, otherwise known as brittle bones disease, is rare. There are different types of OI and, at this point, Gabriella’s type is unknown. She needs to be examined by an orthopedist and geneticist to determine what type of OI she has so that it can be properly treated as soon as possible. She will most likely need to receive infusions every 3 months to help and strengthen her bones. She will require physical and occupational therapy and possibly multiple surgeries as well. All of these treatments are readily available here in the U.S. but not in Gabriella’s home country. Please help the Ferrels bring home their new family member.

Although Laura is single she has a wonderful support system made up of friends and family. It truly does take a village. Gabriella will be so loved and doted on!!


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