SALEENA and POLLY for the Huizinga family — VA


Saleena (2)Polly

We are the Huizinga family from Virginia! We are excited to announce we are adopting “Saleena” and “Polly”! They will join Dad & Mom, Paul & Maureen, as well as siblings Penny, Sarah, Nathaniel, Iain, Thomas, Fanny, Joshua, Greyson, Julia, one big fat dog named Ellie, and a silly barn kitty named Dingo (Mom says, don’t ask…) We have been married for 16 years.  2 years ago, we brought Penny and Fanny home to join our family, and our entire heart for orphans/orphan care was forever changed.  We have waded through some challenging transitions and scary health concerns with Penny in particular and patiently waited to see if or how God might allow us to care for more children.

Thus enters two sweet tiny girls….

Saleena and Polly reside in Pen’s previous orphanage facility. This particular orphanage is near and dear to our hearts, and we have been blessed to see huge progress in the quality of care that is being provided there.  The best facility in the world, however, can’t replace a FAMILY as the best place for children to grow & flourish!  Saleena and Polly have some special challenges and delays, but we are familiar with the types of needs which are currently known (and know well enough to be prepared for more need, less need, or completely different needs, as they are revealed in the process!)  Thank you for supporting our family.  James 1:27.


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