KAITLYN and KATRINA for the Richardson family — NY

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Jaime and Chris married over 10 years ago after meeting each other at church. They started their family immediately, always knowing adoption would be apart of it. Right after their first anniversary, Chris and Jaime started the process to become Foster Parents and over the last 9 years have fostered over 30 children and have adopted 5 through Foster Care. In 2013 they were blessed once again by the birth of their youngest son, whom they adopted as an embryo. (He had been frozen for 8 years!)Richardson

The Richardson’s were greatly blessed to be matched with a 4 year old treasure for an interstate adoption through foster care in 2015. This little boy was very medically fragile and though he had a life limiting diagnosis, no one expected his passing to be imminent. Within weeks of being matched, their son became very ill. After several months of him being in and out of the hospital and the Richardson family living on and off in a Ronald McDonald house 7 hours from home, their son (in their hearts, as the adoption wasn’t yet finalized) passed away and went home to be with Jesus. Six months, to the day, after the passing of their son, the Richardson’s found out about twin girls in Asia, diagnosed with Down Syndrome, who needed a family. They immediately felt that these were their daughters and submitted a request to be matched with the girls.

This large family knows first hand how much the love and security of a family can change the life of a child and they feel doubly blessed to be adopting their princesses.

Thank you for your financial and prayer support in bringing this family together.

Follow the family’s adoption journey on their blog at richardsontribe.blogspot.com

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