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Dennis #1-41

Dennis (1)Age: 13
Diagnosis: delays in development

Listed: March 31, 2016

Dennis is living in a group home. His gross motor skills are developed, but his fine motor skills are not developed enough. It is hard to get his active attention. The passive attention prevails. His concentration is weak, and he is not good at memorizing. There is no logical thinking. His drawings are mainly scribbles, but some shapes can be distinguished. Intellectual development – mild mental delay in the development of the intellect. The child draws attention to himself on purpose. He is loving and emotional, sometimes even obsessive. He sometimes shows verbal aggression when defending his personal space. High level of anxiety is observed. He is communicative and when communicating he can express his feelings. He seeks the company of older children and adults. He doesn’t have notion of authority and hierarchy in school. He likes to sing and dance.

The child prefers to play alone. It is hard for him to fit in a group. He can read short words and when writing he writes in a straight line. His active and passive vocabulary has improved. He can count till 100 without knowing the algorithm of forming the numbers. He is in 5th grade and needs help and solicitation. He has self-service skills and can feed himself. He is independent when in familiar surroundings. He has a positive attitude towards adoption.

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