BEAU for the Speakman family — OH


BeauspeakmanRic and Melissa officially began their adoption process in 2016 but it had been growing in their hearts for many years prior to that. They currently have three girls: 7 ½ year old twins and a 5 ½ year old. “Beau” (or Bobo) was to be hosted by family friends over Christmas and Melissa’s mom hinted that they should adopt him – not even knowing they had begun talking about adoption. God continued to layer this idea with things they read, people they talked with, Adoption Sunday at church… Melissa had been feeling prompted by God to adopt Bobo but it wasn’t what she and Ric had initially talked about. One night they sat and prayed together about adoption and Melissa again mentioned Bobo. Ric’s excitement was immediate and they wrote an email to the host mom. Melissa told him, “The way I’ve been feeling God call me to this, if we send this email I believe Bobo will be our son. Ric reached over her and hit send. As soon as they said yes to God, He immediately put a deep love for this child in their hearts. Over several days of talking and praying with their girls, one of them asked if they were going to adopt Bobo. When they were told yes, their daughter began jumping up and down saying, “Yes! I want Bobo! I want Bobo!” The girls have already grown in their love for their “big brother” and talk about and pray for him daily. Although this is not what they thought their adoption would look like, (is it ever?) Ric and Melissa are ecstatic and loving the journey God is leading them through. They are praying that God goes before them and prepares Bobo’s heart (and theirs) for the transition. They couldn’t be more thrilled and are excited to tell how God has fitted the pieces of this puzzle together so perfectly. Ric and Melissa ask for prayers for wisdom and patience.


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