Jack-2004 (2)Boy, born April 2004
bilateral cleft lip and palate – repaired; ear deformities and partial hearing loss

Listed: March 14, 2016
Jack desperately wants to be adopted! Jack was born with bilateral cleft lip and palate, which was repaired when he was two.He has some ear deformities, and has partial hearing loss. In spite of that, he communicates freely. His communication skills have taken a big leap forward in the past couple of years. He is very tall, and has beautiful big eyes and long eyelashes. Jack is friendly and outgoing. He plays well the the other children, and they like him a lot. He has many friends.He loves to make things, and his favorite activity is handcrafts. He would love to become an engineer, because he likes to fix things. He also thinks that if he was an engineer, he could make a lot of money and but a car. Jack likes noodles, dumplings and chicken. Oh, and chocolate too, he tells me with a laugh.He is still hopeful that he might be chosen, even though he has waited so long.

Jack is so eager to have a family and go to America. This is his dream. He asks the caregivers constantly if a family is coming for him. He asked me, “Is it today?”

From his host mama:
Jack is a great kid who likes to engage people with his sense of humor. He has a lot of energy but can focus and be still when needed. He is very willing to try new things. He is easy going and has been happy to go along with our family’s routines. He loves to make things with his hands in a constructive and mechanical way and likes to figure out how things work.

He has moderate hearing loss in the right ear, but it does not hinder him. He communicates well and is picking up English words easily. His repaired cleft lip/palate do not seem to bother his speech and he prefers soft foods, noodles being his favorite.

He does not appear to have much confidence in school work and struggles and or quits when he can’t do something well. He doesn’t have many social skills but that is to be expected and will require patience and attention to help him “catch-up”. However his manners are perfect and he is very sweet with the younger children in the hosting group.

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