Katie & Barbie

146066781485749-10Sisters, 6 & 4 years old

Listed March 21, 2016

Katie is a very energetic and open girl. She is very independent and takes care of herself. She lives in a foster family. She is attending preschool and enjoying it very much. She likes art activities and her drawings are very colored and clear. She likes to listen to others reading texts and she listens with understanding and gives right answers. Her answers are logical and understandable. She can count to 10 and she distinguishes between geometric figures, letters and numbers. She has very good memory. She can concentrate and cooperates well with other children. She likes to play outside the house; she can ride a bike and a scooter.

Katie has speech delay and allergies.  She is afraid of storms and lightning. When she is afraid, she is in panic and cries and screams, and even can hit her sister. When her stress is overwhelming, she can destroys toys. But she can talk about her problems and emotions. She is very bonded with her younger sister.

Barbie is 4 years old and she is a calm and smiling girl. She pronounces syllables and speaks single words. She can communicate her needs verbally and she understands all requests addressed to her. She is willing to help. When she is afraid she cries, but silently. A hug from her foster mom or foster dad helps her to become calm, and then she feels safe. She is afraid of big groups of people and of loud shouting or talking. When her stress is overwhelming she destroys toys or things, gnaws the wall and shoes or books. She is afraid of the sounds of a vacuum cleaner and mixer. Her foster family is trying to help her alleviate her fears with these objects, putting her hands on them (of course when they are switched off). She is willing to share her toys. Barbie likes to play with animals, she likes flowers and compose bouquets. She likes to play with blocks and draw.

She started to walk at age 2. Her gait was “waddling”. In her biological home she was neglected; nobody exercised with her or allowed her to develop her gross motor skills because of her health problem. She was diagnosed with muscular tension and torn hip. Now she is under rehabilitation therapy. She was burned with boiling water, she has a scar on her right forearm.

She still uses diapers. The foster family is trying to teach her to use the potty. She can put on shoes and socks by herself. She is learning to wear other clothes. She can eat and drink by herself. She is very bonded with her older sister.

Her mother has Huntington’s disease. The girls’ father is an alcoholic and has used the physical and psychological violence against them and their mother.  Both girls are believed to have been victims of abuse by their father.

$832.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!