Otis-(1)Boy, 4 years old
Down syndrome, Congenital heart defect (CAVSD), premature birth, hypothyroidism, dysplasia bronchopulmonary.

P-OD; Listed March 21, 2016

Otis had cardiac surgery (PA banding) in 2012. Since the cardiac surgery his condition is much better. He can sit and he walks with the help.

Otis likes to build the tower of the blocks and scribbles on the page. He answers with the smile and the vocalization of the smile. He know how to use the spoon and the cup. He reacts on his name. He understand simple gests and commands as go, give. He understands simple words.

He can rolls from back to belly and vice versa, in the prone position raises its head. He can walk on all fours. He can grabs the toy and holds it longer and manipulates. He can put the blocks to the box, rolling the ball, he can to shift toys from one hand to the other.   He likes to be with other children.

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