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Boy, 6 years old
Fetal alcohol syndrome, dysmorphia and drooping eyelids

Listed: January 29, 2016

Kaiden has typical FAS, deficiency of weight and growth. He just recently had a medical examinations which found he has anemia and vitamin D3 deficiency.

Kaiden is very cheerful boy. He has blond hair and blue eyes. He lives in the orphanage since  2010.

Kaiden is active and he likes new challenges. He is in good physical condition and is willing for exercises and playing with others. Kaiden runs fast, climbs the ladders. He kicks and throws the ball very well. He avoids the obstacles even when he is running. He likes to participate in group and individual activities. He likes rhythmic classes and sings the songs.

He speaks in proper, grammatical way, he uses long sentences. He asks many questions and he talks a lot. He is talking about things interesting for him or about his problems. Kaiden is willing to play with others children with blocks, cars and thematic plays as in “doctors”, “shop” or “house”.

Update 2017:  He attends a special preschool and didn’t started school yet. He made a big progress this year. His concentration is much better, his social skills are developing and he is getting along with other kids and caregivers. He is a sensitive and open child who has no problem to share. He likes to play with boys but girls also want to play with him.  He has great imagination and creativity but his motor skills are not developed well. His vision is poor.

Videos are available from the agency.

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