Elijah (4)

elijah-collage-2016Boy, born June 2003
Cerebral Palsy

Listed January 26, 2016


Video 1- shows you how capable he is (warning that smile might steal your heart) https://vimeo.com/151409460
Video 2…. You can hear him say Mama and Baba in video can you imagine the disappointment he will feel if he ages out 🙁!!! https://vimeo.com/151409534


Elijah was found abandoned at the orphanage gate at five years old. On admission to the institute it was found that he suffered from cerebral palsy, was tested to have normal intelligence and was found to have weakened lower limbs. Although he tried, he could not walk, and he was given a wheelchair. He showed his strong will, and integrated into the group life in the institute. At the age of 7 years, he liked to play games with peers and share the toys with other children. He is polite to others, and always smiles at strangers who visit the orphanage.

He has received physical therapy at the institute, and after great diligence and perseverance on Elijah’s part, he can now walk slowly while holding onto handrails. In the institute, he is an obedient and sensible boy, and he is adored by the caretakers and medical staffs. The nannies and orphanage directors hope a family will chose him as he will make a wonderful addition to any family.

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