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Shirley #1-34

ShirleyAge: 15
Diagnosis: spina bifida

Listed: January 11, 2016

Ages out in JUNE 2017!

Shirley moves around independently in a wheelchair. She can pull up to a standing position on her own by holding on to a steady support. She can get on and sit in a chair, sofa or bench. She writes, draws, cuts, and eats independently. She is very social and easily carries on a conversation with people. ; she does her nails and can recognize herself in the mirror. She likes to do her hair and put bows and tiaras in it. She likes to receive gifts – bracelets, rings, etc. She likes to be a leader among her peers. She is concerned for the younger children and helps them. When helping someone, she feels meaningful and useful. When someone interacts with her, she is very loving, seeks contacts with the people who take care of her, constantly asks questions and is curious. She likes to listen to music and watch soap operas on the TV. She sings children’s songs, dances well and can follow the rhythm. She likes to draw and color as well as to go out on walks.

At 7 years old, she was placed in a mental institution, where she lived for 7 years. She is now living in a group home and has the opportunity to attend school. In the school 2015/2016, she is in the seventh grade in a mainstream school, in the program “Inclusive Education”. She is in the 7th grade, in a group for individual education of children with multitude of disabilities. She loves going to school. She partially recognizes numbers, letters and writes elements of the letters. She counts to 20. She knows “smaller” and “larger”. She knows the days of the week and the seasons. She knows the main colors and with directions from an adult, recognizes the fruits and vegetables. She participates in activities from the everyday life – she puts her room in order, eats on her own; she can put the table and clean it; she helps the children in the group. She can do her morning and night routines independently. She also can choose her clothes that she will wear.

The agency has videos from January 2016. While videoing, she asked a lot of questions and made sure to watch the video to ensure she looked good before allowing the photos and videos to be seen. She demonstrated an inquisitive nature and a sense of humor during the interaction.


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