Vaughn #1-36



Age: 6
Diagnosis: blind

Vaughn currently lives in a group home. He talks in complete sentences, enjoys musical objects/toys, counts, and can fit rings and cups onto shapes using his sense of touch. He’s currently attending kindergarten and receiving speech and physical therapy. He can name people after hearing their voice (knows all the adults and children in the group home this way), sings and memorizes poems, can state his name and age when asked, and is learning to be independent with dressing, and eating. He moves around with moving and unmoving support but his actions when up are still hesitant and uncertain. He can crouch on his own and after command and tries to jump while holding on to support. He goes up and down stairs led by one hand and holding on to the rails with the other. He performs the movements and exercises in PT with great deal of pleasure. He likes going to walks outside with an adult. He can walk with specialized walker completely independently and the physical therapist controls the process but doesn’t intervene. He can walk led by the hand or around steady support. He recognizes by touching his immediate environment in which he lives. He is oriented in time and place through smell, hearing, and acoustics of the premises.

Photos and videos from January 2016 are available through the agency.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.