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BonnieGirl, born 2012
Down syndrome, Congenital Heart Disease (ASD)

Listed: January 7, 2016

Bonnie was found abandoned in a park when she was around 6 months old and adjusted well to life in her orphanage. Her adoption file was prepared when she was 3.5 years old and at that time it was reported that she was able to crawl and sit unassisted, and walk with one hand being held. She has flexible hands and can pick up small objects, hold a pen, imitate drawing lines and can turn pages in a book. Bonnie is communicating with simple words, feeding herself, putting on her shoes and socks, and undressing independently. Her favorite toy is a musical puppet and she enjoys watching cartoons and listening to music. Bonnie has a ready smile and is a cooperative little girl. In August 2015 orphanage staff took her to a hospital for heart surgery but the doctor said her pulmonary artery pressure was too high and the surgery was cancelled. As of January 2015 she wasn’t receiving any medication for her heart.


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