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Alvin #609


AlvinBoy, age 2.5

Alvin’s biological mother has mental delay; Alvin has the following diagnoses: infantile cerebral palsy – hypotonic form; quadriparesis – moderate degree; bilateral pes cavus (high arch of the feet); joint hyperlaxity; delayed neuropsychological development

Alvin moves around freely by crawling and he stands up on his knees. He turns around freely while in a lying position. He climbs up on his bed and he gets down from it. Alvin makes steps while supported by an adult or while holding onto parallel bars. Alvin is inquisitive, he manipulates with objects and examines them. He also recognizes the neighborhood around the foster family’s home and he knows when he is going for a visit at their friends’ house. Alvin is responding differently to a smile and an angry facial expression.

He shows that he finds it pleasant when someone plays with him. He has formed a very good emotional relationship with his foster mother.

Alvin vocalizes. He repeats syllables (“ma”, “ta”, “dya”) and he uses them appropriately so as to refer to the foster mom, dad and granddad. He has recently started using the word “bob” (beans). He vocalizes so as to express his experiences of pleasure and displeasure. He uses gestures such as pointing at things or pulling so as to direct adults’ attention. Alvin also responds to being called by name.

Alvin enjoys his morning gymnastics, which he performs together with his foster mom, who follows the guidelines of the kinesitherapist. He stands when placed in a baby walker; turns from back to belly and vice versa; makes attempts to move around by scooting at short distances; has mostly positive emotional tonus; easily establishes non-verbal contact, smiles when jested and tries to participate in games and interactions; produces sounds spontaneously; observes the children and the events around her with interest; demonstrates interest in toys, examines them an d tries to grab them; turns her head when called by name.
Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.