Julie and Alexa

146066781485749-8146066781485749-2Sisters, born 2008 & 2009

Julie is a smiling and spontaneous girl. She is very social child who seeks adult’s attention. Her development is disharmonic and her intellectual level is much lower that average level of children in her age. Her vocabulary, knowledge of the world around her and of nature are at low level. The articulation is incorrect and her speech is unclear.

She very much likes drawing and coloring. She use her right hand but she holds the pencil not in proper way. Her graphomotor (handwriting) skill are lower.

Alexa is a smiling and calm girl. She is open to people and she is willing to contact with adults and children. She lives in the educational care facility with her older sister, Julie. The development of her speech is at the level as children in 2 years old. Her articulation is not correct. The speech specialist works with her and try to help her.

She has mental delays at the moderate level. She doesn’t have right emotional maturity and she couldn’t start the school this year. Her development is disharmonic and her intellectual level is at lower level as the children in her age. In psycho-pedagogical opinion her psychomotor development is delayed 2 years and 7 months.

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