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Olie and Ozzie #1-31

Olie OzzieAges: 4 and 2
Diagnosis:  Coffin-Lowry Syndrome

Olie and Ozzie live together in the same group at the orphanage. However, the government officials in their birth country have determined that they can be separated and adopted individually if a family steps forward for just one of the boys. The agency’s desire is to keep the brothers together if at all possible.

Olie is the older brother.  He pulls up to a standing position while holding on to steady support and makes steps sideways. He walks held by both hands. From a standing position, he transfers to a sitting position while holding on to a steady support and then carefully eases off his hands. He reaches out to objects, picks up a toy with whole palm and with both hands. He puts a block in a box and knocks two blocks one against the other. He claps with hands. He shows “how big he is”; he gives his hand for “hello” and blows kisses. He pronounces combinations of sounds and coos. He observes the actions of the people around him. He turns his head towards a person who talks to him. He reacts at the change of intonation and timbre of the voice. He differentiates the tone of the speech – angry or friendly tone and reacts with cry to the angry tone. He stops crying and smiles when talked to. He smiles to the attention from an adult. He loves playing peek-a-boo with an adult. He laughs loud when teased or while playing with an adult. He is cautions with strangers. He differentiates between familiar adults and strangers. He picks up a toy given to him and plays with it. He turns when called by his name. He is a calm child with good emotional tone. He interacts with children and adults. He demonstrates positive and negative emotions when contacted. He maintains eye contact. He cheers at the appearance of persons whom he likes. He cheers up when an adult plays with him. He cries when he’s hungry and when the adult leaves. He is bonded to a preferred adult.

Ozzie is two years younger than his brother. He can hold his head up when placed on his belly. When picked up he can hold his head for a short period of time. He can turn from his back to his belly. He can sit without support for short period of time. He doesn’t crawl and can not stand up. He can direct his hand towards an object that is close to him and can grab it. He plays with toys for short period of time. His grip is weak. The child’s reaction to light, visual, heat and tactile stimuli are slow. He reacts to sounds by turning his head in the direction the sounds comes from. He can follow objects. He smiles and has positive emotions when interacting with adults and when he is around the rest of the children. He understands the tone the adult speaks with. He laughs when playing pick-a-boo.

Photos and videos from July 2016 are available through the agency.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, he will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.