Bree (1)Bree (3)Girl, born 2005
possible Cerebral palsy, club feet

Bree is a beautiful young girl who just turned 10 years old. She came to the orphanage when she was about 3 years old. She was diagnosed with club feet, but watching her video brings up the possibility of CP. Bree is bright, observant, and a very sweet girl. She gets around with a walker, but very slowly. She is able to care for herself, but may need some assistance in the bathroom.  Bree desperately needs a good evaluation, physical therapy, and whatever braces or splints that will help her mobility. Bree is a good student, and enjoys playing with other kids. She is so eager to have a family of her own. Bree’s cognitive skills are fine, her speech is fine, she just needs help getting around. Please make her dream of a family come true! Video is available.

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