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Anthony #41-4


Anthonyanthony-2016Born: May 2003
bilateral conductive hearing loss, underdeveloped speech as a result of deafness, history of tuberculosis

Anthony is a very positive, optimistic and outgoing young man. He loves the world around him despite the fact that he can barely hear it due to bilateral hearing loss. He focuses only on good things in life and tries to see the good in everyone he meets. His teachers note how communicative Anthony is with his peers and with adults even though he mostly communicates by signs and notes. He attends a school for the deaf and teachers note his effort and dedication. Developmentally, Anthony is described to be on target, with only slight cognitive delays probably caused by his deafness. Physically, Anthony is very active and athletic – he loves sports, as well as ‘break’ and ‘hip-hop’ dancing. We hope someone notices this sweet boy without a mean bone in his body and gives him a chance!

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