Jonah1Boy, born June 2000  AGING OUT
moderate mental delays and an organic lesion of the central nervous system.

Listed: November 19, 2015

Jonah is running short on time to be adopted — he is already 15 years old!

Jonah is shy, reserved, and soft spoken, but communicates very well with his peers. He is said to have difficulty comprehending what is asked of him, but with repetition he can complete simple tasks. At the same time, his caretakers note that Jonah likes to go to school and learn. It is believed that with more attention and targeted therapy, Jonah could progress.

Update October 2014: Our in-country representative visited Jonah and found him to be a quiet, shy boy who likes to smile. He is well-behaved, follows instructions, has good self help skills, plays well with other children and likes to draw. Jonah attends sixth grade and his teachers are happy with him.

Update March 2016: Jonah’s speech is well-developed.  He attends school and is able to talk about his work there.  Jonah walks independently.  He ages out this summer and needs to find a family fast.

He can be adopted by single moms. Video available from the agency.

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