Patience 8

Patience 8 Patience 2Girl, born Oct 2002
Cerebral palsy

Patience moved from the orphanage to a foster home in 2011. At that time, she also began receiving some schooling. She is happy, outgoing and polite. She likes to sing, recites children’s song, likes to express herself, is easy going, likes to take part in activities. She can help the caretaker do housework. She can read words at level of grade 2 or grade 3 kids. She has right view and correct cognition of things. She has good fine motor skills and is good at cross-stitch. She has an optimistic personality, and she is a kind-hearted girl. She always smiles at you.

She recovered very well from her surgery and likes outdoor play. She can walk by herself but one leg is still stiff. She has a hard time walking. She is wearing a leg corrective device and uses a cane. She falls sometimes. Better to use wheel chair to assist.

$1,917.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!