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Lance 2015Lance was born in March 2013. He has been diagnosed with spina bifida. He cannot walk and does not have bowel control.

In video from March 2015, Lance is seen observing his environment and speaking with an adult.

Update October 2015: Lance is a well-adjusted boy with fluent speech and a good memory. Lance’s spina bifida is post-operative. He uses a wheelchair which he can maneuver himself. He eats independently from a spoon and reportedly is able to use the bathroom.

Update June 2016: Lance is developing well.    He sits unassisted and stands with support, but cannot walk.  Lance is working on potty-training.

Update March 2017: Lance has been diagnosed with compensated hydrocephalus. He can crawl well, but is unable to walk. Lance has clear and direct speech and is described as very smart.

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