Sebastian 3Boy, age 10
infantile cerebral palsy – spastic quadric paresis, mild degree; Congenital malformation of the secretion system – malformation of the right kidney and chronic obstructive pyelonephritis

*Program fees are reduced for his adoption through the placing agency*

Sebastian was raised by his birth family for 5 years and was severely neglected during that time. He entered into government care and was placed in an orphanage. In 2013, he was moved into a group home where he began receiving therapy and individual attention. He has made REMARKABLE progress since being placed in the group home. He is now walking independently, feeding himself solid foods, drinking from an open cup unassisted, saying a few simple words, putting his shoes on unassisted, locks and unlocks doors with a key and moves around the group home and yard independently. He enjoys swinging on the swing outside. He loves attention from adults and responds very positively to interactions with other people. He seeks out interactions. He is very inquisitive and loves anything electronic (cell phones, tables, cameras, etc). The staff continues to work with him to develop skills and believes that he’ll continue to make great strides in different skill areas.

Photos and videos from October 2015 are available through the agency.

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