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Nina ARM RV 11-19-2015nina-update-2016Nina was born in July 2010 and has been diagnosed with hydrocephalus and spina bifida as well as disease of the central nervous system. Her report also lists a diagnosis of Down Syndrome, but this is likely an error. We are checking to clarify.

Listed:  November 2, 2015

Nina can stand unassisted and walks with a walker. She uses the bathroom. Nina speaks and can be shy with strangers.

Update June 2016: Nina’s cognitive development appears to be mildly delayed, but she understands what is said to her and responds by speaking herself.  Due to her diagnosis, she does not have bladder or bowel control and uses diapers.
From a Family who Met Nina in March 2016 – Nina is part of a weekly Fairytale Group which we sat in on during one of our visits to the orphanage. She was quiet but quick to smile and clearly enjoyed participating in the group activities. She happily helped clean up and put away the chairs at the end. Nina is an endearing little girl who would blossom under the love of a forever family.

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