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Mikel (L)

Mikel B147-001

Mikel B147-002Boy, born September 2002
Down syndrome, specific mixed developmental disorder and aphasia (Language disorder)

Listed: October 30, 2015

Mikel is not speaking, but follows directions. In 2004, he had surgery for cataracts, and glasses assigned for permanent wearing. The report indicates that the boy is not getting involved in any activities and performs the stereotypic movements. Mikel was never visited by his parents and has no contact with relatives.

Mikel goes to the special school in town. Mikel is not receiving any neurological medication. His sleep during the night is good (calm), but he needs to wear diapers. Mikel needs an ongoing supervision by an adult. His eye contact is short, is concentrating his attention to the sounds and visual signals. Has good understanding of the adult’s speech, implements instructions, but he is not speaking by himself. He is able to eat without help, to dress up and undress, to wash his hands, brush his teeth, but still his hygienic skill are not yet developed in full: he takes the action only when is reminded and is helped by the staff member. His eating is good and likes different food. His interest in the environment is weak, he feels secure in the environment he is familiar with with persons he knows. He likes to be together with other children in a family group setting, listen to music, but due to his slow motion he is not getting involved into the group activities. His favorite activity is to play with balloons and ball; he throws them up in the air.

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