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McKinley CollageGirl, born June 2004
Growth and developmental delays, mental delays

Listed: October 27, 2015

Agency staff had the pleasure of recently meeting beautiful 11 year old McKinley! McKinley is living in a mock family in the foster village, which is on the orphanage grounds. She attends school in the special education class at the orphanage, where she is in 2nd grade. Her favorite subjects are art and Chinese. McKinley’s best friend has already been adopted to the US and she would very much like to be adopted too and she said she’d love a big family! When asked what kind of family she would like, she pointed to one of our staff members. She is a very sweet and considerate little girl. The guide that was with our staff said she has known her for years and that she is a wonderful girl!

McKinley’s favorite foods are fish, noodles, and grapes. Her favorite toys are dolls and puzzles. McKinley’s favorite animals are dogs and kangaroos. Her favorite color is white. McKinley said she wants to be a mama when she grows up…so sweet! McKinley’s mental abilities are slightly below her peers. She is not receiving any therapy at this time. Her hearing is normal, but she does squint a lot. It is a possibility that she needs glasses. She can read simple books and plays well with others. The orphanage staff described McKinley as shy, kind, helpful, friendly, and obedient.

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